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Meet the ING Source Team

The ING Source team, manufacturers of the OrthoSleeve brand of products, is a group of highly dedicated, talented people passionate about helping people feel better so they can get back into life, pain free!

We’re proud of the work we do, and we’re thrilled to have you here.

Dave Higgins, President and CEO

Dave is a North Carolina native who’s lived in the Hickory area for decades.  His work experience includes stints in executive positions at several local companies including Thorlo and Knit-rite as well as years of consulting experience in the sports and medical hosiery industry focusing on product sourcing and development.  When he came up with the idea for the revolutionary FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve, however, Dave decided to develop the product himself and he – along with the rest of the ING Source Inc. team – has seen that idea blossom into one of the most successful compression products in the United States and other countries, selling over a million units in less than 18 months.  When he’s not focused on steering the strategic direction of the company, Dave enjoys relaxing with his family, especially the grandkids.

DebbieShannonDebbie Shannon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Debbie began working with ING Source in late 2013 as a consultant, but took on a full-time role as VP of Sales and Marketing in July of 2014.  In that role, she’s responsible for leading and coordinating the company’s sales and marketing functions, developing a marketing strategy, and monitoring to be sure the company continues heading in the right direction.

When she’s not deep in the marketing trenches, Debbie enjoys seeking out adventure with her family and friends: exploration, travel, and creative pursuits fill her free time.  Her motto: “Life without limits.”

INC Source Inc Team Susan McGeeSusan McGee, Accounting Manager

Susan has headed up the accounting department since March of 2013 and says “business has tripled since I got here,” so we keep her pretty busy!  Susan tracks accounts payable and accounts receivable, purchasing and order processing, and handles all the financial reporting necessary to keep the ship afloat.

When she’s away from work, Susan enjoys basketball and football, bowling, and Bingo, especially if she can share them with family.


ING Source Inc Team Stephanie CurnutteStephanie Curnutte, Business Development Manager

Stephanie is a native of Tampa Bay, Florida, but sacrificed the sweltering summers for the milder climate in Hickory, North Carolina in June, 2013.  Joining the ING Source Inc. team at that time, Stephanie handles a mixed bag as manager of business development: providing marketing support through graphic design and photography, assisting with customer service and sales support as needed, and serving as the liaison between ING Source Inc. and ING Source Ltd in the UK.

When she’s not furthering the OrthoSleeve mission, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her two girls in the great outdoors, and she has the pictures to prove it!

ING Source Team David K HigginsDavid K. Higgins, Warehouse Manager

David has worked with ING Source Inc. since early 2008 when it was a two man operation.  Since then, the company has grown dramatically and David’s role has changed just as fast.  Now, serving as manager of warehouse operations, David is responsible for overseeing all packaging and shipping operations in the Hickory, NC warehouse and distribution center, as well as handling customer service and order processing as needed.

When he’s not at the warehouse, David likes to spend time with the family watching a movie or hiking, or spend some time on a home improvement project.

ING Source Inc Team Joey WeikalJoey Weikal

Joey has been with ING Source Inc. since 2009, serving as a sales representative primarily focused on mail order catalog clients.  As the company has transitioned from sourcing for others to manufacturing our own products, Joey’s role has evolved as well.

When she’s not working hard to get ING Source Inc. products into the public’s hands, Joey loves to run (using the FS6!) and spend time with her husband and two boys.