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ING Source Company Description:

ING Source Inc. Founder Dave HigginsING Source Inc. is the inventor of the FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve for the relief and prevention of Plantar Fasciitis, swelling and heel pain. With over 3,000,000 sold world-wide, the FS6 has become the #1 sports brace product in running shops across the United States! It is the only patented and truly effective product from FDA registered compression manufacturing experts.

In addition to the FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve, ING Source has created a full-line of ortho-supports and sports braces, using the same patented Compression Zone Technology® as found in the FS6.  This line of products is known as OrthoSleeve® for medical markets and OS1st® in sports markets, offering supports and braces that cover a variety of chronic conditions.

The AF7 Ankle Bracing Sleeve incorporates patent pending K-ZoneTM Technology for prevention of typical inversion sprains and general ankle instability, which can cause falls. The CS6 Compression Calf Sleeve helps relieve pain related to Achilles tendonitis, Shin Splints, leg cramps, venous insufficiency, soreness from exercise and recovery. The FS6+ Compression Foot + Calf Sleeve combines all the benefits of the patented FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve and the CS6 Compression Calf Sleeve into one unique sleeve. The KS7 Compression Knee Sleeve alleviates pain related to Patella Tendonitis, Arthritis, general knee pain and “runners” knee.  The ES3 Compression Elbow Sleeve was specifically designed to treat Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow. The PS3 Compression Patella Sleeve replaces the popular Velcro straps to help relieve chronic knee pain.  The WS6 Compression Wrist Sleeve targets Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis and general wrist pain. The QS4 Compression Thigh Sleeve targets hamstring pulls and Iliotibial Band Syndrome common in runners. All OrthoSleeve® and OS1st® products offer pain relief, improved circulation and medical grade orthopedic support in light, comfortable sleeves you can wear any time, instead of typical hot and heavy neoprene or ridged supports.

ING Source products are FDA registered! Be cautious of copies and imitators.

Company History

ING Source began with its roots in consulting for product design, development and sourcing for consumer health and medical devices in the health and wellness industry. President and CEO, Dave Higgins, relied on his decades of experience in the specialty textile, foot care and orthopedic industry to provide profitable solutions to clients worldwide.

ING Source holds numerous patents and proprietary designs.  Today, the company is a respected name in health products, manufacturing and marketing orthopedic and vascular supports. ING products are “makING life better” for health, wellness and fitness.

ING Source, Inc. is headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina, with offices in the UK and Taiwan. Our distributor partners continue to grow in numbers, now including sports and medical companies in the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Norway, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan.

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Product Information:

FS6 600x800 @ 72dpiThe *FS6® Compression Foot Sleeve* combines medical grade orthopedic support with patented Compression Zone Technology® to provide pain relief and prevention for those suffering with Plantar Fasciitis, chronic heel pain, swollen arthritic ankles and feet, or poor circulation.




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The *AF7® Ankle Bracing Sleeve* combines medical grade orthopedic support with patented Compression Zone Technology® and patent pending K-ZoneTM Technology to provide pain relief and prevention for typical inversion sprains and general ankle instability.